Considered the premier fund development firm in the Pacific Northwest, Colby Underwood Consulting LLC counts top public and private organizations as repeat clients, and is the first choice when seeking development support from the region.

Our success is built on two cornerstones, a comprehensive strategy and an extensive database.

We have worked tirelessly over the past fourteen years to develop a unique and results-oriented fundraising system.  Every December, our team meets for a week long retreat to evaluate and adjust our strategy to reflect the ever-changing local and global climate. Whether helping a candidate run for office for the first time, to revamping a 501c3 organizations fundraising plan, to closing an investment round for a start-up company, we develop and execute individualized strategies to raise the necessary funds immediately.

We accomplish this through a detailed knowledge of key decision makers, investors and donors up and down the West Coast. From helping a townhouse builder meet and understand the needs of the neighbors and business owners surrounding his latest project; to designing an outreach system to ensure that a candidate for Washington State Governor has support from every faction of the business community. Our success is based on personal relationships and a unique understanding of “who influences whom” in our region.

Since the beginning of Colby Underwood Consulting LLC, one of our goals has been to create the largest, most detailed database in the Pacific Northwest. We currently have over 470,000 unique individuals in our database. These records include all necessary contact information (phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.) as well as pertinent information regarding who the individual supports politically, who they influence, who influences them, what industries they invest in, and what organizations they are involved with. A member of our staff is responsible for updating this data on a weekly basis to provide the most current information.